David Bedford

David Bedford was commissioned to write a piece for the orchestra in 1976 and the resulting work was Alleluia Timpanis. A live performance by the LSSO was captured on tape but there is no record as to where this performance actually took place – David Bedford couldn’t answer this question when approached in November 2000. It could even be a recording of the work’s premiere at the King’s Lynn Festival in July 1976. This tape was used on the record album Instructions for Angels featuring David Bedford on keyboards, Mike Ratledge on synthesiser and Mike Oldfield on Guitar. The LSSO’s performance of Allelulia Timpanis makes an appearance on the last track of the album which has the amazing title The valley-sleeper the children the snakes and the giant. At the end of the track, David Bedford’s keyboard sounds are laminated onto the orchestral texture provided by the LSSO.

Sound Clip: Instructions for Angels