Radio and television archive recordings now available on compact disc

Radio and television archive recordings now available on compact disc

1              Tippett Shires Suite (Cheltenham, 1970) conducted by Tippett.

Eric Pinkett interview (1974) with musical excerpts, running for 35 minutes.


2              A composer and an orchestra. A 60 minute documentary about Tippett and the L.S.S.O.

including musical excerpts and interviews with Eric Pinkett and Sir Michael Tippett.


3              Brahms Violin Concerto – first movement (Rolf Wilson) and Elgar Enigma Variations

(Pinkett farewell, 1976) with the Mastersingers Overture conducted by Peter Fletcher (1981)


4              Haydn Trumpet Concerto (Jimmy Watson), Tchaikovsky Romeo & Juliet conducted by Del Mar

(Pinkett memorial, 1980) with Don Juan and Capriccio Espagnol conducted by Fletcher (1981)


5              Mahler Symphony No.1 conducted by Del Mar (Pinkett memorial, 1980)


6              Haydn  Sinfonia Concertante (Pinkett farewell, 1976) Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue and

Ives Circus Band (Cheltenham, 1970) conducted by Tippett with The Two Imps,

Popular Song and Roman Carnival from a 1964 Hinckley concert.


7              Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The BBC television programme from Christmas Day, 1975.


8              Glinka, Butterworth, Hamilton (1969) conducted by Pinkett, Tippett Prologue, Interlude

and Epilogue (Bath, 1969) conducted by Tippett, Dead in Tune (1968) from the TV broadcast.


9              Eric Pinkett’s Personal Choice. A desert island discs style interview (1969) and a programme

about the Pye record (1968). Over 70 minutes of interview time with musical excerpts.


10           Vivaldi Recorder Concerto (David Pugsley), Horowitz Trumpet Concerto (Jimmy Watson)

and Glinka Russlan & Ludmilla (Pinkett farewell, 1976) with Brahms Violin Concerto (Stuart Johns